Our business model

Happy customers that stay with us year on year

Strong affinity partnerships

Long-term relationships with partners whose brands are relevant to our products, allowing us to offer our product to millions of homeowners through trusted brands. Our partners benefit by offering their customers a valuable home related product while earning a risk free income.

Claims and network management

We primarily use our own local call centres to handle customers’ claims, and manage networks of qualified engineers in order to offer our customers the best service when they experience a home emergency.

Product design

We create water, gas and electrical related home assistance products. Our products are individually underwritten by third party underwriters, independent of HomeServe. We act as an insurance intermediary and do not take on any material insurance risk.

Marketing capability

We use our expertise in direct marketing across a number of channels to offer our products directly to customers. Teamed with our affinity partners we also offer our products through their sales channels. We constantly innovate to ensure our marketing is fresh and relevant.