At a glance

We provide home emergency, repair and heating installation services to over 6.3m customers. Our established businesses operate in the UK, USA, France and Spain, and we have a developing business in Italy.

Adjusted operating profit1 £97.3m (FY15: £87.8m)
UK £58.0m (FY15: £56.4m)
USA £12.1m (FY15: £6.4m)
France £23.2m (FY15: £23.4m)
Spain £9.9m (FY15: £7.5m)
New Markets (£5.9m) (FY15: (£5.9m))

Customers 7.0m (FY15: 6.3m)
UK 2.2m (FY15: 2.1m)
USA 2.3m (FY15: 2.0m)
France 1.0m (FY15: 0.9m)
Spain 1.2m (FY15: 1.1m)
New Markets 0.3m (FY15: 0.2m)

Affinity partner households 92m (FY15: 89m)
UK 24m (FY15: 24m)
USA 32m (FY15: 29m)
France 15m (FY15: 15m)
Spain 15m (FY15: 15m)
New Markets 6m (FY15: 6m)

Retention 83% (FY15: 83%)
UK 82% (FY15: 83%)
USA 82% (FY15: 82%)
France 89% (FY15: 89%)
Spain 77% (FY15: 79%)

1All references to adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), adjusted operating profit or loss, adjusted profit before tax and adjusted earnings per share throughout the report, exclude exceptional items and the amortisation of acquisition intangibles, as reconciled to their statutory equivalents in the Financial Review.

Revenue £633.2m

(FY15: £584.2m)

Adjusted EBITDA1 £122.7m

(FY15: £109.4m)

Adjusted profit before tax1 £93.0m

(FY15: £85.4m)

Statutory profit before tax £82.6m

(FY15: £76.7m)

Adjusted earnings per share1 21.8p

(FY15: 19.06p)

Basic earnings per share 19.6p

(FY15: 17.2p)

Dividend per share 12.7p

(FY15: 11.5p)