Chairman's overview

The Board continues to believe that good corporate governance underpins good business performance. As a Board we are accountable to our shareholders for ensuring that governance processes are in place and are effective and we are fully committed to meeting the required standards of corporate governance. The reports that follow are intended to give shareholders an understanding of our corporate governance arrangements and how they operated in FY16.

Board focus

Over the last year we have continued to build on the improvements made in respect of service, culture, governance and controls. In addition, we have continued to seek out new opportunities to grow our business and have invested in technology and innovative home services solutions alongside continued investment in the core business. The agreement to acquire Utility Service Partners Inc. in the USA was particularly significant in terms of our expansion plans in that territory.

As a Board we regularly discuss and review:

  • Our business performance and our progress towards our strategic goals
  • Our customers and how we can ensure that they are at the heart of everything we do
  • Our people and how we can develop and support them to provide the service our customers expect
  • Our shareholders and how we communicate with them
  • Our governance and controls.

Board changes

Chris Havemann was appointed as a Non-Executive Director on 1 December 2015 and he also joined the Audit & Risk Committee. Chris has followed a largely entrepreneurial career and brings a wealth of experience in the digital space which will be of great benefit to the business.

Board effectiveness

During the year, a review of the Board and its committees was undertaken by Lintstock Limited, an external facilitator. Based on this review and my experience as Chairman, I am satisfied that the Board and its Committees are performing efficiently and that there is an appropriate balance of skills, experience, knowledge and independence to enable the Board to discharge its duties effectively.

JM Barry Gibson
24 May 2016