Our business model

Our vision

To become the world’s favourite plumbers, heating engineers and electricians.

Our mission

To provide home assistance membership, which frees our customers from the worry and inconvenience of emergencies, repairs and installations.

Our business is built on developing long-term relationships with our affinity partners, offering our customers home assistance in respect of plumbing, heating and electrical-related emergencies and repairs. We plan to extend our services to include provision of heating installations. We provide our services through the use of directly employed, franchised and subcontract networks of engineers. With the customer clearly at the heart of the business, we have developed strategies to enable us to fulfil our vision and mission.

Strategic priorities Progress and future development Key performance indicators
Extend long-term affinity partnerships
  • We have over 90 affinity partners across the geographies in which we operate. During the year we renewed six partnerships in the UK business and signed 11 new partnerships in the USA adding a total of 2.8m households.
  • On 31 March 2016 we entered an agreement to acquire Utility Service Partners Inc. in the USA, a business with around 300 partners and 0.4m customers across 9.4m partner households.
  • Having invested in business development across our businesses we plan to continue to add new affinity relationships during FY17.
Affinity partner households
During FY16 we added 3m affinity partner households, now serving 92m households across our five businesses.
Innovate product range and extend our installation services
  • We offer a range of plumbing, heating and electrical home assistance products and continue to innovate to improve our products for today’s customer. We continue to work with Tado and Nest installing smart thermostats and during the year we developed and tested a unique water leak detector with functionality to automatically notify the home owner who can then book a repair with us.
  • Heating services is the most established of the home emergency services and during FY16 we acquired a heating business. The business has a solid customer base and 150 directly employed engineers thereby increasing our heating services capacity.
  • We have developed a franchised heating installation network which we expect to extend in FY17.
During FY16 we added 0.7m customers now serving 7m customers with home assistance products.
Drive efficiency
  • We are committed to improving efficiency in all aspects of our business while ensuring we continue to deliver great customer service.
  • We have a strong balance sheet and continue to invest in technology solutions to make us more efficient and to improve customer satisfaction.
Group profit margin
The Group delivered £97.3m adjusted operating profit, a 15% profit margin.
Deliver digital innovation
  • We have established a digital hub to develop an end to end, consistent, user friendly digital experience for our customers. A new Chief Digital Officer has been appointed to lead this activity and to enhance self-serve functionality at all stages of the customer journey and enable more effective product sales.
New Markets – including digital innovation
In line with the prior year, we invested £5.9m in our New Markets segment which includes our investment in digital innovation and expansion into new markets.
Expansion into new markets
  • We have commenced the appraisal of extending our services to other international markets with a view to entering the home services market in partnership with local utilities, similar to the initial successful joint ventures with South Staffordshire Water in the UK and Veolia in France.
  • We have identified a number of attractive markets where, we believe, we can partner with local utilities.