At a glance

We provide home repair and improvement services to 7.8m customers, with established businesses in the UK, North America, France and Spain - all now operating under our Global brand, HomeServe.

Revenue £785.0m

(FY16: £633.2m)

Customers 7.8m

(FY16: 7.0m)

Statutory operating profit £104.7m

(FY16: £86.9m)

Adjusted operating profit1 £118.8m

(FY16: £97.3m)

Basic earnings per share 24.0p

(FY16: 19.6p)

Adjusted earnings per share 27.0p

(FY16: 21.8p)

Ordinary dividend per share 15.3p

(FY16: 12.7p)

1The Group uses adjusted operating profit, EBITDA, adjusted profit before tax and adjusted earnings per share as its primary performance measures. These are non-IFRS measures which exclude the impact of the amortisation of acquisition intangible assets (FY17: £14.1m, FY16: £10.4m). Acquisition intangible assets principally arise as a result of the past actions of the former owners of businesses in respect of marketing and business development activity. Therefore, the adjusted measures reflect the post acquisition revenue attributable to, and operating costs incurred by, the Group. A reconciliation between the adjusted and statutory equivalent is included in the Financial Review.