HomeServe is an international home repairs and improvements business which provides people with access to tradespeople and technology to make home repairs and improvements easy.

Our vision is to be the world's most trusted provider of home repairs and improvements and we seek to reach homeowners through two global business lines:

  • Home Assistance Membership & Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning
  • Home Experts, our online, on demand solution based on our investments in Checkatrade, Habitissimo and eLocal

We provide services to our customers though our directly employed customer service agents and engineers and through locally-based contractor networks. We also provide directory and lead-generation services, linking consumers directly with tradespeople.

HomeServe takes a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking both in our own business and in our supply chains.

HomeServe plc operates as a holding company for its global operations. In the UK, the principal operations are HomeServe Membership Limited and Vetted Limited, trading as Checkatrade. These companies operate on a stand-alone basis and have published their Modern Slavery Act statements on their own websites. These can be found at and

As a Group, we are committed to promoting the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour in our business and have recently relaunched our updated Code of Business Conduct, which provides clear guidance to all of our People about the standards we expect them to demonstrate in their role. All of our People have the ability to raise concerns relating to possible illegal or unethical conduct through our Whistleblowing hotline.

As a holding company, Homeserve plc does not generate any business on its own but it does have a number of employees and purchases goods and services (mainly professional and IT services) both on its own account and on behalf of the wider Group.

During the year, we have undertaken an initial risk review of our activities and those of our suppliers, and are satisfied that in all of those activities there is a low risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place. However, we have introduced further steps into our procurement processes to ensure that our suppliers are aware of their obligations under the Modern Slavery Act and to ensure that they comply with them. We have also reviewed our key suppliers’ own statements relating to the steps they take to ensure that slavery and trafficking does not take place in their businesses or their own supply chains, raising further queries and requesting evidence where relevant. We have also recently reviewed and implemented a new whistleblowing policy, supported by a global hotline which enables our employees and other workers to raise any concerns, including those relating to modern slavery.

We recognise that there is more to be done, across our UK businesses and our Global operations, to make sure that we there are (and will be) no instances of slavery or trafficking in our businesses and supply chain. We also recognise that we may need help from experts to guide us as we develop and enhance our Group-wide response to the challenge. We have recently agreed to partner with the Slave Free Alliance (part of the International Hope for Justice charity) and will work with them to identify any gaps in our existing policies and processes, to improve our understanding of areas where modern slavery could occur in our businesses and to develop a strategy to help work towards a slave-free supply chain.

As a first step, we are working closely with and plan to learn from HomeServe Membership Ltd, which has already undertaken a full analysis of its operations and supply chain and is implementing a number of steps to develop its processes, including adopting an updated Ethical Supply Policy and rolling-out awareness training to its people.

We shall continue to develop our policy of zero tolerance to slavery and trafficking across our businesses, and look forward to reporting on its development as we make progress.

Approved by the Board of HomeServe plc and signed by David Bower, Director, 26 March 2021.